Patriots Fans Spray Beer And Flip Bird At Chiefs Star Tyreek Hill

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After Kansas City Chiefs speedster Tyreek Hill stung the New England Patriots with his third touchdown reception Sunday, he ran through the end zone to the stands at Gillette Stadium in Foxborough, Massachusetts.

As expected, home fans did not roll out the welcome wagon. In an utterly tacky move, they sprayed the visiting player with beer and gave him the middle finger instead.

The Patriots said the fan who allegedly tossed the beer has been identified by security and the matter was turned over to law enforcement.

“My coach [Andy Reid] told me, ‘Don’t get emotional, Don’t get mad about it because it comes with the territory,’” Hill said of the incident to the Kansas City Star. “I’m not mad at all.”

The Patriots’ Stephen Gostkowski kicked a 28-yard field goal on the last play to give the Patriots a 43-40 victory.

Somehow other jerky fan behavior, such as throwing a dildo onto the field and streaking buck naked, seems a lot less personal.

Like one sports anchor wrote on Twitter: “Stay classy Patriots fans.”

This story has been updated with information on the alleged beer-thrower.

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