Jimmy Kimmel Embarrasses Bryan Cranston With A Clip Of An Early Soap Opera Gig

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It’s hard to believe, but before playing a TV dad or a meth-dealing high school teacher, there was a time when Bryan Cranston was still just a fresh-faced kid in showbiz trying to make it.

Cranston joined “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” on Friday to talk about his film “Network,” a remake of a 1970s film with the same name.

Host Jimmy Kimmel surprised him with a clip from the “Breaking Bad” actor’s first TV show gig, where Cranston played the character Doug Donovan on the ABC soap opera “Loving.” 

In the clip, Cranston answers the door to a woman in tears. “Hold me!” she says, jumping into his arms. They kiss passionately. “Make love to me!” she continues as cheesy soap opera music takes off in the background.

You’ve come a long way, Bryan.

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