NFL Reporter Melissa Stark Hit In Head By Football, Makes Epic Comeback

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Melissa Stark of the NFL Network kept her head in the game Sunday after a rogue football smashed her in the noggin.

Stark was reporting on the field before the Los Angeles Chargers-Tennessee Titans game in London when a ball hit her in the back of the head.

She shrugged it off like a pro.

“Oh, OK. Nothing like live television. I’m OK,” she said.

Then she quickly transitioned into a hamstring injury report on Chargers running back Melvin Gordon. Smooth.

Stark later quipped that she was “really taking one for the team.”

“I might be on the injury report,” she said. “I am now officially questionable.”

Realizing she had a viral moment here, Stark also tweeted on the incident.

Way to shake it off, Melissa.

The Chargers beat the Titans 20-19 at Wembley Stadium.

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