Cramer’s lightning round: If you want to invest in non-opioid painkillers, buy Canopy Growth

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Heron Therapeutics: “I think we have to be careful, frankly, because I’d rather see you buy Canopy [Growth] because that’s a non-opioid painkiller if there ever were one. Canopy was being used to be able to get short the entire plethora of all these pot stocks in Canada and Canopy’s incredibly cheap with a lot of cash underneath. I’d rather see you own that stock.”

Realty Income Corp.: “No. If I’m going to go with a real estate investment trust, I’m going to go where I think that there is now no longer a surfeit of properties. That’s nursing homes, and I want to buy Ventas, [which has a] 5.7 percent yield.”

KLX Energy Services Holdings, Inc.: “I think that [a price-to-earnings multiple of 3] means that it’s the absolute peak, and if I were you, I would sell, sell, sell.”

STMicroelectronics N.V.: “Commodity play. No interest in it whatsoever. I’ve got some very good semiconductor [stocks] like Texas Instruments that are down really bad after the close. Can’t make a judgment on why to buy STMicro.”

Fifth Third Bancorp: “I will tell you that I saw this group put in a bottom today and I think you can actually finally pick up some Fifth Third. It’s been a hideous, hideous decline for these stocks and I think the decline is being put in in the same way I think that the bottom in housing [stocks] is being put in.”

LKQ Corp.: “No, you can’t sell it down here. This stock is in a house of pain, but it’s really ridiculous. It shouldn’t be this low. It’s a pretty good company. It’s got a very low [price-to-earnings multiple]. I would be a buyer.”

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