2020 candidates reflect on their moms for Mother’s Day

The 2020 presidential candidates spent some time on the trail to reflect on the women who helped raise them and inspired them to seek higher office.

ABC News spoke with a number of the candidates, who shared tidbits, insights and fond memories about their moms.

“All through my upbringing, my mother gave me the best possible mix of love, encouragement, attention and space. At the core of my current effort is the chance to live out the values that I was raised with, and so mom is part of this campaign in even more ways than she knows.”

“Thank you, mom, for being there for me every day even when it was a pain and I was not grateful. I’m grateful now. I love you very much. Happy Mother’s Day. “

“My mother was barely 5-foot-1, but I felt like she was 6-foot-2. She was smart and tough and fierce and protective. She was generous, loyal and funny. She had only two goals in life: to raise her two daughters and to end breast cancer.”

“My mom has always been my fiercest supporter. She was the only one who believed I could win my first race and she taught me how to believe in myself. I would not be where I am today without her love and support.”

“My mom always believed in me, and for a kid that is everything.”

“My mom is an incredible woman and a defining force in my life. I’m truly blessed to have her as a model of service and compassion. I can always count on her to keep me grounded while also inspiring and pushing me to reach higher no matter what the obstacles are. And no matter what, she never fails to find ways to embarrass me.”

“I feel lucky every day to have a mother who is so devoted to my brother, sister and me, but especially on Mother’s Day. Here’s to you mom! “

“This is me and my mother having a snack at camp, nothing but the best: Ritz crackers and Hellman’s mayo. Much more important, however, was that she read me ‘Wind in the Willows’ and ‘Old Mother West Wind,’ both of which I read every page of to all my children.”

“My mom was an incredible woman, and I miss her. She would always tell us that ‘courage is the greatest virtue, because without courage you cannot love with abandon.’ She lived her life that way, loving us with abandon. I want to wish every mother out there a Happy Mother’s Day.”

“My mother came to this country and gave her all to her children, her husband, her God and her dream. She encouraged me to be a positive person, dream big and never be afraid to do what others aren’t willing to do for the benefit of others. Mommy, I was listening.”

In 2014, Trump tweeted “great advice from my mother: ‘Trust in God and be true to yourself.'”

“My mom is truly amazing — a teacher, entrepreneur, wife and mother to five children — she has inspired me throughout my life through her example of strength, patience, kindness, courage, integrity and unconditional love.”

“I really lucked out by having a mom who truly loves her family unconditionally, who encourages us and who is a great role model that inspires me every day with her kindness and the generosity she shows to everyone she meets. She has always been and will forever be the best mom I could have had.”

“I think about my late mother every day. Recently I’ve been wearing her wedding ring on a chain around my neck so I can feel her with me during the campaign. My mother was a very good woman. I didn’t realize when I was growing up how lucky I was to have such good and loving parents, but I realize it now. I try my best to be the woman who I think that they would want me to be.”

“America is a beacon of opportunity — a place where she could rebuild her life after the Holocaust, enrolling herself in public school and eventually becoming a librarian. She was able to provide her kids more chances than she ever had, instilling in [me] the belief that our job as Americans is to extend opportunity so others can rise.”

In March, Castro described his mom in a video: “My role model, my inspiration in public service and the best part is she’s my mom. “

In 2015, Hickenlooper posted on Instagram: “my mother was a small woman — her nickname was Shrimpie — but her influence on me was anything but. She taught me that we have an obligation to create joy and happiness in our lives. Thanks mom, and to all moms, for showing us the way.”

At a campaign rally in Pennsylvania in 2016, Sanders said, “My family never had any money. Never had any money. But my father worked hard, my mom worked hard and the expectation was that their children would do better than they and that is what the American Dream has been around for tens of millions of American families.”

In Febuary, Warren tweeted, “I grew up in Oklahoma, on the ragged edge of the middle class. When my daddy had a heart attack, my family nearly tumbled over the financial cliff. But we didn’t. My mother’s minimum-wage job answering phones at Sears saved our house and saved our family.”

ABC News’ Briana Stewart, Cheyenne Haslett, Molly Nagle, Christopher Donato, Averi Harper, Armando Garcia, Lissette Rodriguez, John Verhovek, Sasha Pezenik, Briana Stewart, Will Steakin and Rachel Scott contributed to this report.

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