WATCH: 10-foot great white shark detected off New Jersey

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Transcript for 10-foot great white shark detected off New Jersey

We will turn to that shark alert as millions head to the beach this holiday. An 800-pound great white shark named miss may by researchers was just detected off the busy shores of cape may in new Jersey. ABC’s will reeve is on the Jersey shore with more. Reporter: Good morning. Not a bad place to be, the Jersey shore on the fourth of July. Apparently miss may agrees. The ten-foot-long great white shark just making her way up the coast for the holiday weekend according to tracking data. She’s not the only shark spotted by people at the beach on this holiday or this summer and it has people on high alert. This morning, a great white shark making her presence known off the coast of New Jersey. On Wednesday a ten-foot-long, 800-pound great white named miss may that scientists with ocearch have been tracked pinged off cape may. It’s an 800-pound great white shark. Reporter: They’re looking for potential shot spots trying to see if there are any patterns beachgoers should be aware of. Over the weekend another shark was spotted off the coast of These sharks which feed on seals are being drawn to the areas where there’s lots of seal activity. And unfortunately those areas are also where there’s a lot of human activities. Reporter: While we’ve seen a spate of recent attacks on humans they are rare. On Sunday 18-year-old Riley Wright was bitten on the leg while surfing in new smyrna beach, Florida. I got it gnawing on my ankle. I kicked it a few times, punched it. It felt like my whole ankle was in this gigantic mouth with razor sharp teeth. You know, just cutting out at my ankle. Reporter: Millions of people are heading to America’s beaches today for this holiday and if you’re one of them, the best thing you can do if you’re worried about sharks is just stay vigilant, Cecilia. Wow, good advice, thanks, Amy.

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