WATCH: Robert De Niro sued for $12M by ex-assistant

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Transcript for Robert De Niro sued for $12M by ex-assistant

Back now with that new trouble for Robert de Niro. He is being sued for $12 million by his former assistant. Amy has details. De Niro’s former assistant is fighting back after de Niro’s company filed a $6 million lawsuit against her in August alleging she stole money and binge-watched episodes of “Friends” while she was on the clock. Talking to me gentleman. He’s been one of Hollywood’s most acclaimed actors for decades. Never rat an your friends and always keep your mouth shut. Reporter: Back in theaters this weekend in “Joker.” But this morning he is at the center of another controversy embroiled in a contentious battle of he said/she said with his former assistant, in a lawsuit filed Thursday, de Niro’s former assistant, graham chase Robinson accuses the award winning actor of harassment and gender discrimination claiming that over the course of the 11 years she worked for him de Niro communicated in a hostile abusive and intimidating manner often while he was intoxicated in which he denigrated. Berated, bullied and hurled expletives at her. Her attorney sharing this — You tell me how nice — how dare you. You are about to be Fired. How dare you disrespect me. How much you did. You got to Kidding me, you spoiled brat. You. Mr. De Niro made numerous comments to miss Robinson that were vulgar or inappropriate. He joked to her about his Viagra prescription. Reporter: She claims the film star treated her as an office wife subjecting her to unwanted physical contact, forcing her to perform domestic tanks like scratching his back and buttoning his shirts. Robinson’s suit comes after she was first sued for $6 million claiming the now 37-year-old misappropriated hundreds of thousands of dollars of company funds. Millions of frequent flier miles for her personal use and loafed during work hours binge-watching astounding hours of TV shows on Netflix. Now, Robinson’s team denies all the claims in de Niro’s company’s lawsuit alleging it was meant to intimidate her after her attorney warned de Niro’s lawyer that she was going to be making legal claims including discrimination. De Niro calls all of her allegations beyond absurd but anyway, all the dirty laundry being aired publicly. Literally. All right, thank you, Amy. Coming up, everybody, “Play of

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