WATCH: Kim Kardashian calls for Brendan Dassey’s release

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Transcript for Kim Kardashian calls for Brendan Dassey’s release

We start with the man at the center of the hit documentary series “Making a murderer” who now has a celebrity in his corner. Kim Kardashian joining the push for Wisconsin’s governor to grant Brendan dassey clemency and ABC’s kayna Whitworth joins us with more. Good morning, kayna. Hey, Eva, good morning. So Brendan dassey has spent more than 13 years in prison for a crime that his lawyers say he did not commit. And after his most recent appeal was denied his legal team is going straight to Wisconsin’s governor and this morning, they have some new hope that Kim Kardashian’s celebrity will help his plea for clemency. Be honest with us, we already know. It’s okay. Reporter: This morning the case against convicted murderer Brendan dassey getting the attention of Kardashian west the media mogul is working towards taking the bar exam herself and advocating for prisoners, tweeting her support for dassey he was convicted in 2006 at the age of 16, alongside his uncle Steve Avery, in connection to the murderer of photographer Teresa Halbach. Brendan’s case became a global sensation after being highlighted in the 2015 Netflix docu-series “Making a murderer.” There’s no getting around it because we see the footage and we know that he didn’t know anything about the crime and we know anyone who knows him as I do knows him knows he’s not capable of hurting a fly. Reporter: Kardashian west getting the attention of her 62 million Twitter followers after tweeting, dassey’s handwritten plea to Wisconsin’s governor. Kim has an incredible platform and a powerful spotlight that she can shine on serious injustices like Brendan’s case. Reporter: In the letter dassey asks the governor for a pardon, claiming his innocence and writing he wants to go home. Kardashian west also tweeting a link to the podcast by Jason flome, wrongful conviction in which he breaks his silence for the first time since his sentencing. I just wanted it all over with so I said whatever they wanted to hear, you know. Reporter: Brendan’s defense team has filed petitions for clemency arguing that his confession, a major factor in his conviction, was coerced and severely impacted by his low I.Q. We asked for very belated but so desperately needed justice for this man. Reporter: In the past Kardashian west successfully campaigned to pardon Alice Johnson, a Tennessee woman who was serving life without parole for a first time nonviolent drug conviction. It’s hard to believe dassey turns 30 this month. His lawyers telling us that the governor has said he will give Brendan’s petition full and fair consideration.

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