Samsung Display’s OLED panels for laptops get coveted green certification The Greenguard certification for Samsung Display's OLED panels for laptops

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Samsung Display's OLED panels for laptops, which recently secured the SGS certification for gaming performance, has now achieved another coveted distinction. It has got UL’s Greenguard Gold Certification for low chemical emissions for their components. 

This, Samsung Display said, is for the first time in the industry.

The panels were featured in Samsung’s latest Galaxy Book Pro and Galaxy Book Pro 360.

Samsung Display released the low chemical emissions laptop OLED panels which minimized the use of plastic substrate sheets, which can be a main source of VOC emissions.

9 OLED panels from Samsung Display get certified

UL is a global safety science leader, and it has certified that Samsung Display’s nine laptop OLED panels, ranging from 13.3-inch to 16-inch, met the Greenguard Gold Certification standard, UL 2819 Greenguard Standard for Electronic Equipment, a press release from Samsung Display said. 

Greenguard Gold certification is awarded to products including electronic and medical equipment that meet UL's volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and particle emission standards.

Among the LCD components, the backlight can be a major origin of VOCs for its use of multiple plastic substrate sheets. "According to tests conducted by the company and UL, Samsung’s OLED panels reduced the emission of VOCs to about half of LCD’s emission, thanks to its self-illuminating structure which does not use the backlight," the South Korean company said in its press release.

“Low-chemical-emitting equipment is an important criterion for users when choosing IT devices,” Doug Lockard, vice president and general manager of UL’s retail and consumer products division was quoted as saying.

Samsung Display’s OLED panels were also certified by SGS as Eye Care Display by reducing blue light emission by up to 6.5%. The new technology that adjusts the wavelength of blue light from OLED reduces the portion of the harmful blue light from its entire light spectrum.

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