Nintendo Switch OLED pre-order: here’s where to find stock in the UK, US, and AU Nintendo Switch OLED pre-orders

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Looking for Nintendo Switch OLED pre-orders? You're not alone, ever since their surprise launch late last week we've seen multiple retailers in both the US and UK sell out in literally minutes of posting their pages. No worries though, because we're on hand to tell you where, and how, to secure your Nintendo Switch OLED pre-order well ahead of this new console's launch in October.

If you're visiting from the US then the bad news is, as of writing, there aren't any retailers with immediate Nintendo Switch OLED pre-order stock. That said, we have included a ton of top tips just below to help get you prepped and we'll also be updating this page as soon as more stock drops – so definitely bookmark. You can also follow TechRadar's own Matt Swider on Twitter for super-speedy stock alerts.

If you're joining us from the UK or Australia then we've got better news – Nintendo Switch OLED preorders are live and available at a number of retailers…for now. If you're in the UK especially though you'll definitely want to get a move on as Amazon, Currys, and GAME have already completely sold out.

At $349.99 / £309.99 / AU$539, the new Nintendo Switch OLED price is $50 / £40 / AU$60 more expensive than the original model, but packs a larger OLED display, a new kickstand, and a LAN supporting dock. The Nintendo Switch OLED model will release on October 8, 2021.

You'll find all the latest updates on Nintendo Switch OLED pre-orders just below, with a range of retailers already stacking the shelves.

Nintendo Switch OLED price: key facts

  • Nintendo Switch OLED price: $349.99 / £309.99 / AU$539
  • Nintendo Switch OLED pre-orders: live worldwide, but stock is short
  • Release date: October 8, 2021 
  • Features: 7-inch OLED display, new kickstand, LAN port

Nintendo Switch OLED pre-orders in the US

Just here we've got a quick run down of the best retailers to score a Nintendo Switch OLED pre-orders in the US, alongside a live update of the current stock level situation. 

A big initial wave of Nintendo Switch OLED pre-orders went live on Thursday 15th July at Walmart, Best Buy, and Target, while Amazon followed suit the day after. We saw the initial batch sell out pretty quickly, but sporadic stock continued to appear all the way up until Saturday 17th. 

Nintendo Switch OLED pre-order stores in the US

Amazon | White (sold out) | Neon (sold out)
Amazon was fashionably late to the US Nintendo Switch OLED preorders, posting its initial wave a full day after most major retailers on Friday 17th of July. As expected, all models sold out pretty quickly. We’re still currently waiting for the second batch to land, although fingers crossed it’ll be fairly substantial.

  • Amazon top tip: Try adding the product to your shopping cart via the ‘add to list’ function as opposed to the ‘buy it now’ button. Several users have reported better luck snagging a pre-order via that method.

Walmart | White (sold out) | Neon (sold out)
Walmart’s Nintendo Switch OLED pre-order stock lasted all the way up until Saturday 17th, although both models have now fully sold out, unfortunately. This retailer has been one of the best this year all around for console restocks on the PS5 and Xbox Series X, so it’s definitely worth keeping an eye out and checking in regularly for updates on its store pages.

Best Buy | White (sold out) | Neon (sold out)
Best Buy’s initial wave of Nintendo Switch OLED pre-orders on the 15th of July sold out so quickly that many users were reporting the ‘add to cart’ button being greyed out within minutes. That was actually followed by a second wave on the 16th, but that also sold out in short order – particularly the White model, which is looking like the crowd favorite currently.

Target | White (sold out) | Neon (sold out)
Out of all the major retailers, Target’s initial batch of Nintendo Switch OLED pre-orders sold out the slowest so it’s definitely worth keeping an eye its store pages. As of writing, there are currently no consoles left right now, however, so it’s a case of checking in regularly for updates as they come through.

GameStop | White (sold out) | Neon (sold out)
GameStop had White Neon Nintendo Switch OLED pre-orders live as late as Sunday night / Monday morning, although those have all been snapped up now, unfortunately. White is also sold out, so like with all the other retailers, it’s now about waiting it out, checking in regularly, and being patient at GameStop.

US restock live alerts

If you want to be one of the first to find out when Nintendo Switch OLED pre-orders go live, click on this screenshot example of a Matt Swider Nintendo Switch OLED tweet. When he has a tweet with a siren, that means it's in stock and a link will be included. Make sure you follow and turn on notifications.

Nintendo Switch OLED tweet by restock Twitter tracker Matt Swider

(Image credit: Twitter / Matt Swider)

Nintendo Switch OLED pre-orders in the UK

Just here we've got a quick run down of the best retailers to score a Nintendo Switch OLED pre-orders in the UK, alongside a live update of the current stock level situation. 

UK Nintendo Switch OLED pre-orders landed a little earlier than their US counterparts with Game and Smyths Toys being the first out the gates. We saw Amazon, Currys, Argos, and Very follow suit, although nearly all pre-orders from that initial wave have sold out now as of writing. Argos and Very are the last holdouts, so we definitely wouldn't hang around that much longer if you're looking to snag a console in the UK.

Nintendo Switch OLED pre-order stores in the UK

Very | White (in stock) | Neon (in stock)
There are probably only a few Nintendo Switch OLED preorders left over at Very today – but we don’t see them sticking around for long. Nearly all major online retailers have sold out already over the weekend so this could the be last chance to grab a console for a while.

Argos | White (in stock) | Neon (in stock)
Argos also has Nintendo Switch OLED pre-orders still in stock today at various local outlets. You’ll have to navigate over to the page and enter your postcode to see specifically whether any of your local Argos stores have any in stock, however. Like Very, it could be a while before stock lands again so we wouldn’t hang around.

Amazon | White (sold out) | Neon (sold out)
Amazon wasn’t the first retailer to post Nintendo Switch OLED pre-orders, but it did sell out very quickly indeed as you’d imagine. Right now it’s anyone’s guess as to when we’ll see stock crop up again, although we do have high hopes as this retailer was one of the best for scoring a standard device last year when we went through a massive stock drought. 

Currys | White (sold out) | Neon (sold out)
Currys again, like Amazon, was one of the first retailers to sell out of Nintendo Switch OLED pre-orders last week, although as one of the bigger stores it’s definitely one to watch for re-stocks. With other recent console releases Currys actually removed the product pages when they had no chances of a recent restock, so more pre-orders are looking fairly likely.

GAME | White (sold out) | Neon (sold out)
GAME hasn’t just sold out of immediate pre-orders, but it’s also actually removed the product pages from its site. That makes an immediate relaunch of Nintendo Switch OLED pre-orders unlikely, although you never know. You can, however, register your interest at this retailer to get email alerts for restocks.

Nintendo Switch OLED pre-orders in Australia

Visiting from Aus? Here are the best retailers to pick up your Nintendo Switch OLED pre-order from, alongside a current live update of stock levels at each one.

  • JB Hi-Fi: pre-orders live now in Neon and White
  • The Gamesmen: pre-orders live now in Neon and White
  • EB Games: pre-orders live now in Neon and White
  • Amazon AU: pre-orders now sold out in both Neon and White

With the exception of Amazon AU, Australian retailers still have plenty of Nintendo Switch OLED pre-orders to grab – excellent news if you haven't put your order in yet.

EB Games and JB Hi-Fi have the new Nintendo console listed for AU$539, with both retailers offering it in the two available colour options – White and Neon.

Additionally, EB Games is also offering the new Nintendo Switch OLED at the reduced price of AU$299 when you trade-in your current Nintendo Switch console (excludes Nintendo Switch Lite).

It's worth noting that pre-orders of the Nintendo Switch OLED are "strictly one per customer" at each of the retailers listed above.

The Nintendo Switch OLED pre-order is crucial – here's why

There's a very good reason to pre-order the Nintendo Switch OLED today (or whenever you can find stock), and that's because it's likely to be in high demand well after release. We've seen the ongoing chip shortage affect other consoles in 2021, which is why we constantly have to run PS5 restock news stories – it's still in demand several months later.

And if you think the Switch OLED model is a minor Nintendo Switch upgrade (you're not alone) and it won't be sold out (that's wrong), then you have to realize that before all of these shortages came to a head and when the original Nintendo Switch seemed long in the tooth, the four-year-old Nintendo console was still selling out every Christmas. That's four Christmases in a row.

In other words, if you want to buy a Nintendo Switch OLED, do it now. There's going to be unprecedented demand for it in 2021 and yet a finite supply of consoles. Plus, the Nintendo Switch OLED price is $349, hardly a barrier to entry for a gift in 2021.

The people who aren't going to be able to buy this console on October 8 through December 31 are the people who hesitate on the pre-order, according to our expert opinion. Cue the Nintendo Switch OLED restock chaos that will soon ensue.

How long until stores have more pre-orders?

Presuming your visiting from the US or UK, then it's pretty hard to narrow it right down to exact dates. For example, we didn't even have a solid time or date for the initial wave of orders, so things are quite up in the air. So far, most retailers haven't taken down their product listings, which is actually a good sign that they might be trying to secure more stock for pre-order. 

Fair warning, if demand stays high, even if we get multiple restocks it's likely retailers will resort to various anti-scalping and anti-botting techniques to make sure actual customers get their consoles. While these steps are necessary, you could see things like email queues, raffle draws, or even local pick-up only sales – which is a favorite over at GameStop and Target in particular.

What is the Nintendo Switch OLED price?

The Nintendo Switch OLED price is $349.99 / £309.99 / AU$539, $50 more than the MSRP of the original Nintendo Switch model. Previously rumored 4K docked upscaling, Nvidia graphics, and an enhanced CPU were putting estimates at $399 / £379 – a tidy $100 / £100 price increase on the previous model that made a lot of sense. 

Without these additional features, a $50 / £50 / AU$60 increase is still good going for an OLED display (provided the battery has also been enhanced to keep up and extend over the original launch model), even if we were expecting to see a little more under the hood for our cash here. The original Nintendo Switch launched at $299 / £279 / AU$469 and just managed to undercut the PS4 and Xbox One's prices at the time.

Will Nintendo Switch game prices rise?

Nintendo had reportedly asked its developers to make upcoming games 4K-ready, adding to rumors that a new console would offer UHD resolution. The announcement itself didn't make any note of this 4K upscaling, but besides that, if this information does prove to be correct, it's worth noting that we're unlikely to see a major price split in the catalog. 

As with the New Nintendo 3DS, Nintendo has in the past restricted the list of compatible titles on its new generations. Thankfully, it doesn't look like this will be the case here. Not only would Nintendo be facing pressure from a backward-compatible market in Microsoft and Sony, but developers are (if the rumors prove correct) already working to make sure their current games will run on the new console. 

However, there are more costs associated with a game running at higher specs, and while backward compatible titles may not rise in price, we could see a slight inflation on later releases.

After a new console right now? You'll find all the latest Nintendo Switch and Switch Lite prices just below.

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