Adobe updates Creative Cloud Express with a new content scheduler

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After acquiring ContentCal last year, Adobe has launched a new content scheduler as part of an update to Adobe Express called “Content Scheduler”, allowing you to time your content to whenever you desire. 

With tools to plan, schedule, preview, and publish social media posts across multiple platforms, Adobe’s new content scheduler does exactly as its name suggests all from one app, which should be a welcome tool in the arsenal of content creators who are paying for Adobe’s newest subscription service, priced at $9.99 / £9.99 / AU$10.99 a month. 

Previously, social media savants would often need multiple apps in order to do everything that Adobe’s content scheduler can now do, as this new tool allows you to post to Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook, all from one place. Adobe’s Content Scheduler will also let you accurately preview your posts so you can make sure things look right regardless of which platform you’re posting on. 

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Unfortunately for those on Adobe Express’ free tier, the new content scheduler is only available via the premium plan, and it only works across Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, for now, so there’s no support for TikTok and LinkedIn influencers.

Additionally, Adobe states that the “full range of Content Scheduler capabilities” are only available via the Express web app, so you won’t be able to schedule on the go from your phone or tablet. Adobe does at least promise that “there’s a lot of good stuff in the pipeline,” so it’s a good start to better publish your content without you being at your desk at least.

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