Alabama’s Nick Saban responds to caller’s observation that he’s been calmer this season

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Alabama football is going through a season that will be classified as a disappointment after losing its second game of the season in Week 10 to LSU. 

It’s been a frustrating season for the Crimson Tide, who have often appeared undisciplined, resulting in the third most penalties of any team in the FBS. 

But one fan seems to think that head coach Nick Saban has taken it all in stride, asking him on Thursday what he’s done this season in order to remain “calmer on the sidelines.”

“Usually, one of my first prayers in church on Sunday is to pray that I don’t get mad, because a lot of times when I get mad, I do things that I wish I wouldn’t have done,” Saban responded on the “Hey Coach” radio show. “I say things that I wish I wouldn’t have said, and I don’t make really good decisions and choices.

“So, this has been a lifelong sort of goal to not get too emotional, not get too upset. I think that sometimes it’s the kind of team you have. Some guys really need you to get on them. Some guys get a little upset maybe and don’t respond very well when you get on them. It bothers them a lot. Makes them think that they’re not pleasing you.” 

“I found that players respond better to teaching and showing them what they did wrong than they do actually just yelling and screaming,” Saban added. “I don’t think that does a lot of good.”

Saban has always been known for occasionally chewing out his players and assistant coaches.

In the first half of Alabama’s loss to Tennessee in Week 7, Saban went ballistic on Quandarrius Robinson after the player had inexplicably tried to pick up a bouncing ball on an Alabama punt with defenders all around him. 

Tennessee recovered the ball at the Crimson Tide’s 40-yard line, and Saban let his player have it after the mental error.

Alabama will look to keep its slim chances alive in the SEC West on Saturday as they head to Oxford to take on No. 11 Ole Miss. 

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