Super Bowl champ Richard Sherman says Zack Wilson is ‘not good enough for the NFL’

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Zach Wilson has received harsh backlash over his apparent lack of accountability following the New York Jets heartbreaking loss to the New England Patriots on Sunday.

However, for one NFL vet, Wilson’s problems go beyond what was said during a press conference. 

Super Bowl champion cornerback Richard Sherman shared a video on social media of Wilson saying he did not believe he let the Jets defense down despite going just 9 of 22 for 77 yards and no touchdowns, while the defense managed to limit the Patriots to just three points until the final five seconds of the game.

“Wow. 9 completions the entire game and 10 punts,” Sherman wrote on Twitter. “You have let Defense down.” 


In their previous loss to the Patriots this season, Wilson went 20 of 41 for 355 yards and two touchdowns. When asked about the difference in his performance, Wilson seemingly pointed to the weather conditions in Foxborough, Massachusetts. 

“I think you gotta put into account, it’s windy as hell out there too guys. There’s times where you can’t just completely try and take these shots down the field. I mean, you can see how much its moving out there.” 

“We were trying to establish the run game, same with what the Patriots were trying to do as well,” he continued. “They’re not out there chucking 30 or 40-yard throws down the field either.” 


However, in a tweet on Monday, Sherman was not buying it, adding that he believes Wilson is “not good enough for the NFL.”

“I understand finding positives. But this terrible play has been the case for weeks. Mac Jones played under exact same conditions 23-27 for 246 yds. He’s not good enough for the NFL and the sooner the Jets realize that the better off the rest of this team will be.” 

Wilson could stand to lose his starting job – on Monday head coach Robert Saleh was noncommittal about him for Sunday’s game against the Chicago Bears. 

“When you put up 100 yards of offense, I don’t care how good New England is, and they are good, it’s unacceptable,” Saleh told reporters. “That’s not NFL football. So everything is being talked about.”

“The quarterback is part of the pile of stuff that’s being talked about, and it’s something that we have to find an answer to, and we got to do it by Wednesday.”

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