Three fleeing felons arrested, accused of causing deadly crash after FL house party

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A Florida “open-house party” with more than 100 people in attendance resulted in felons ramming a law enforcement vehicle before leading deputies on a chase that ended in a deadly crash.

Deputies were called to the Sol Terra community in Davenport around 1 a.m. Saturday because of a huge party that led to fighting in the streets, Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd said. 

Deputies did not see any fighting when they arrived on the scene, but found a large party involving over 150 juveniles and adults throughout the street and neighboring yards, and approximately 75 people inside a short-term rental home.

An ambulance was summoned to take a heavily intoxicated person to get medical treatment. While a deputy was trying to clear a path for emergency medical services, they approached a Range Rover with completely dark windows and tried to talk to the people inside the vehicle to get it to move out of the way. However, the people inside the Range Rover would not talk to the deputy or roll down the windows. 


The deputy went to the back of the Range Rover and noticed that it had a temporary tag that expired in 2022. 

While the deputy was trying to write down the tag number, the Range Rover took off, sideswiping the deputy’s patrol vehicle on its way.

The deputy did not pursue the Range Rover because there were too many cars blocking the streets, but he did notify PCSO about the hit-and-run. 

The SUV was located by deputies not on the party scene parked next to a 7-Eleven. 

As deputies approached it, the Range Rover took off and deputies gave chase. 

The vehicle drove into Osceola County, where the deputy stopped pursuing it. 

The suspects’ vehicle came upon a four-way stop sign, drove around three cars that were stopped, went through the intersection and crashed into another vehicle, killing a 27-year-old man inside, Sheriff Grady Judd said. 


The deputy who had given up the chase came upon the crash and saw people taking off from the SUV running. He and backup deputies chased them and were able to capture three suspects who all have criminal records. Judd says there may be a fourth suspect, but wasn’t able to provide any additional details on that potential person. 

The three suspects who fled from the stolen Range Rover are:

Jarquez Malique Page, 23, of Fayetville, North Carolina. His criminal history includes previous arrests for larceny of firearm, possession of stolen firearm, breaking and entering motor vehicle, felony larceny, possession of stolen good, possession with intent to sell marijuana, manufacturing marijuana, maintaining vehicle for drug sales.

Angel Burgos Rosello, 31, of Fayetville, North Carolina. His criminal history includes previous arrests for trafficking in MDMA and maintaining a vehicle for drug sales, and in Osceola County for possession of marijuana with intent to sell and violation of probation.

Alaric Shango McFarlane, 20, of Kissimmee, Florida. His criminal history includes previous arrests for vehicle theft, battery, burglary, reckless driving, operating a vehicle without a valid license and violation of probation.

All three suspects face multiple charges from the Florida Highway Patrol and PCSO.

Detectives are still trying to determine who was driving the Range Rover, which has been confirmed stolen out of Martin County in September 2022. There was a firearm within the SUV.

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