USA Cycling reportedly draws anger over transgender eligibility survey: ‘You are going to get someone killed’

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USA Cycling received backlash for issuing a survey to its members for their input on the Union Cycliste Internationale (UCI)’s transgender participation rules amid rising outrage in the sport over transgender female cyclists winning women’s events.

The organization sent the survey in an email to its members Friday titled “USA Cycling Survey on the UCI Transgender Eligibility Regulations,” reported. The survey aimed to collect the views of riders who participate in UCI-sanctioned events in the U.S. and give the data back to the organization.

According to the report, USA Cycling hoped to hear from organizers, teams and athletes impacted by the rules for transgender athletes.


The survey asked members whether they agreed with certain statements such as “At UCI events, transgender women should be eligible to compete in the women’s category regardless of when they transitioned” and “At UCI events, transgender women should be eligible to compete in the women’s category if they transitioned before puberty.” 

The survey also asked whether members believe they could speak freely about the inclusion of transgender women in UCI events. Answers are due by Friday.

Cycling has been in the national spotlight over its transgender participation rules. 

Austin Killips became the first transgender woman to win the female overall in a UCI event when she won the Tour of the Gila. The win sparked outrage among the sport, including three-time Olympian Inga Thompson, who spoke out about the policy. After Thompson’s comments, Cynisca Cycling parted ways with her and alleged she tried to intimidate staff members and use the team’s platform “for her political activity.” Thompson called for cyclists to protest the UCI’s policy.


The UCI, the world governing body for sports cycling, initially defended its participation policy but appeared to change its tone days later, according to The Guardian.

“The UCI’s objective remains the same: to take into consideration, in the context of the evolution of our society, the desire of transgender athletes to practice cycling,” the organization said. “The UCI also hears the voices of female athletes and their concerns about an equal playing field for competitors and will take into account all elements, including the evolution of scientific knowledge.”

In response to the survey, reported Be Cyclocross director Randy Locklair emailed USA Cycling leaders and demanded the survey be rescinded and an apology issued. He reportedly wrote, “You are going to get someone killed.”

“You have failed to diversify this sport. You have failed to keep your membership safe. You have made tokens of the few marginalized people you ‘support’ and you have ignored the rest,” Locklair’s email reportedly read.

Dr. Kim Coleman, an assistant professor at State University of New York-Plattsburgh, told the website the survey results may be flawed from the jump since the members could take it multiple times.

Molly Cameron, a transgender female cyclist, spoke out about the survey on Instagram on Tuesday.

“Good morning babes. I’ve been away from my computer and screens for a week so I’m just getting caught up on the UCI / USA Cycling Transgender participation in sport survey blunder,” Cameron wrote.

“I had typed up a much longer caption, but I’m going to simplify it by saying how deeply disappointed I am.

“I urge you all to keep making your voice heard. Email, write, call and keep speaking up and keep speaking out. Write USA cycling, let them know you do not approve and let them know how damaging this is to the culture and community in sport. Keep taking action and keep making your voice heard.”

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