Verizon’s Galaxy S24 deals just got even better – you can now buy-one get-one-free

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What's better than one Galaxy S24? Two Galaxy S24s, of course – which is exactly what you'll get with Verizon's latest deal on this series of flagship devices.

Right now, the carrier is offering the option to get a $800 discount on a second device when you pick the first up alongside an unlimited data line. This discount by itself is enough to get the standard Galaxy S24 for free, although this particular promotion is also available on the Galaxy S24 Plus and Galaxy S24 Ultra.

Note that this new 'BOGO' is a limited-time offer but one that doesn't stack with the usual trade-in rebates on these devices. Trade-in savings of up to $1,000 are available across all devices right now, but you can't get these in addition to a free second device – it's essentially one or the other. The addition of a BOGO deal, however, does make a great alternative if you're a multi-line user. 

Verizon Galaxy S24 deals

Samsung Galaxy S24 series: buy-one get-800 off second, or up to $1,000 off with a trade-in
Verizon’s latest Galaxy S24 deal offers multi-line users a compelling alternative to the usual trade-in rebates. For a limited time only, Verizon customers can get a huge $800 discount on a second device when pick up a Galaxy device on an unlimited data plan. In addition, you can also bundle in a free Galaxy Watch 6 and a Galaxy Tab S9 FE alongside your unlimited plan – although note that device lines are paid separately. View Deal

In addition to your 'BOGO' or trade-in rebate, this week's Verizon deals are also offering the option to bundle in a free Galaxy Watch 6 and Galaxy Tab S9 FE. By themselves, these freebies are worth over $900 at full retail but it's worth thinking carefully whether you need them or not. While bagging a free premium tablet and smartwatch sounds like a good idea, it's worth noting that Verizon will only gift them if you sign up for additional cellular lines. These can obviously incur additional monthly fees on top of what you're paying for your cell phone.

More Galaxy S24 deals to check out today

Samsung Galaxy S24 series: $150 gift card and up to $1,000 off with a trade-in at Best Buy
We were big fans of Best Buy’s initial preorder promotion when it was posted the other week and the good news is – it’s still available post-release. That means not only can you get a healthy trade-in rebate of up to $1,000 off right now, but the retailer is also throwing in a free gift card of up to $150 in value to spend anywhere on-site. The maximum rebate here applies to carrier devices specifically but note that unlocked devices are also available at Best Buy with savings of up to $750.

Samsung Galaxy S24 series: save up to $1,000 with a trade-in, plus free tablet at AT&T
There’s nothing fancy with AT&T’s current lineup of Galaxy S24 deals but you can still get yourself that massive trade-in rebate of up to $1,000 off alongside an unlimited data plan. The rebate itself here is a match for the best we’ve seen from the carrier and it’s relatively easily obtainable since you can hand over any Samsung device in any condition. AT&T is also throwing in a free Galaxy Tab A9+ too alongside the phone, although device lines are paid separately. View Deal

Samsung Galaxy S24 series: device plus unlimited data plan for $60/mo at Boost Infinite
Boost’s Infinite Access program offers a superb all-inclusive deal on the Galaxy S24 series right now. For just $60 per month you can bundle in a device alongside an unlimited data plan – a total cost that beats the price on some carrier plans by themselves. On top of that, Boost’s Infinite Access deal also automatically entitles you to a free upgrade when the next generation of devices inevitably lands. View Deal

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