LinkedIn reveals the 10 most desirable start-ups to work for in France right now

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France may be home to an abundance of luxury and fashion brands, but when it comes to start-ups, the company that’s winning over talent in 2018 is based in the technology space.

PayFit has been crowned as this year’s most in-demand French start-up, according to LinkedIn.

It’s not the only tech-based firm to receive high praise however, with Aircall and Tiller Systems also appearing in the top 10 list.

To be eligible in this year’s top 25 list, businesses must be no older than seven years, have at least 50 employees and be privately held.

LinkedIn examined the actions of its 550 million-plus users, to distinguish the level of employee growth a company has, along with job seeker interest, engagement and ability to attract top talent from renowned firms featured on the top companies list.

CNBC looks at which start-ups won over workers in France this year — and successfully notched a spot in the top 10.

10. Back Market

Global Headcount: 100+
Headquarters: Paris

At Back Market, the company is all about giving devices a second life, with the marketplace letting individuals purchase refurbished consumer goods, like smartphones and laptops. To ensure product quality is maintained, the platform has teamed up with over 170 certified repackers and partner factories altogether, and will only list refurbished products that have a guarantee of 6 months or more.

Concerning company values, Back Market is all about having ambitious team members who show respect and kindness, while having humility and humor.

9. Tiller Systems

Global Headcount: 145
Headquarters: Paris

Since 2014, Tiller Systems has been assisting various restauranteurs and merchants in over 30 countries. Its main aim is to offer a cash register for this increasingly-digital world — one that takes and cashes orders, along with analyzing real-time transactions and optimizing the process of an order.

Inside the business, Tiller’s motto is “Go big or go home,” with the group looking to recruit the most ambitious, talented and fun employees to join their team.

8. Aircall

Global Headcount: 150+
Headquarters: Paris

To aid sales and support teams, Aircall has developed advanced cloud-based call center software for businesses that integrates a combination of services, including messaging platforms — making everyday communication tasks with clients more seamless. The company’s software has been utilized by over 3,000 businesses, including Uber, Vice and Tiller Systems.

For those employed here, staff are entitled to health coverage, competitive salary with a gym membership, and annual offsite visits to “exotic locations” with other team members.

7. NAVYA Group

Global Headcount: 197
Headquarters: Villeurbanne, near Lyon

Describing itself as a “pioneer and specialist in the autonomous vehicle market,” NAVYA is all about improving what transport is on offer to cities around the world, in a sustainable, fluid manner. At present, NAVYA has two types of autonomous vehicles: the AUTONOM shuttle and the robot-taxi AUTONOM cab. The shuttles are already in service in parts of Asia, Europe and the U.S.

NAVYA describes its teams as “passionate, dynamic and creative,” with jobs available in many arenas including commercial, maintenance, and research and development.

6. Wemanity

Global Headcount: 250+
Headquarters: Paris

Since 2013, Wemanity has been dedicated to uncovering the hidden potential a company has, by offering expertise that helps transform a business into a more responsive, innovative one. With a desire to make businesses more “agile” with the use of its own model framework, Wemanity offers services in several areas including training, coaching, and operations. For company workers, each employee’s main purpose is to spark change for corporate clients, in the hope of making businesses more future-proof.

5. Blade Shadow

Global Headcount: 100+
Headquarters: Paris

Ever since 2015, Blade has been committed to establishing the “PC of the future,” that doesn’t have physical hardware constricting it. The first PC product it debuted was “Shadow,” which is entirely based in the cloud and helps the gaming community, in terms of accessibility. With offices in California and Paris, Blade describes its team as highly skilled and passionate about what they do; with the tech firm offering work in several areas, including engineering, infrastructure, and marketing.

4. Everoad (ex-Convargo)

Global Headcount: 50+
Headquarters: Paris

Starting out in 2016, this group is all about advancing freight transport across the European continent, by looking to connect carriers and shippers in real time. In January 2018, the company announced that it was changing its name from “Convargo” to “Everoad,” with the new title reflecting its relationship to continuity and the road itself. At the start of each week, Everoad employees gather for an “all hands meeting” which aims to reflect on what has happened over the past week, and what to look forward to, while on Wednesdays, everyone has lunch together.

3. Qonto

Global Headcount: 75+
Headquarters: Paris

Launching its product in 2017, Qonto is all about establishing the “best banking service” for small and medium-sized enterprises. Already, Qonto has over 25,000 business customers and has raised 32 million euros ($37 million) with the help of top venture capitalists (VCs) and business angels, like Peter Thiel’s Valar. For those at the firm, work perks include monthly parties and dinners, a new Macbook Pro, and a Qonto Mastercard, to cover expenses.

2. Snips

Global Headcount: 50+
Headquarters: Paris

At the core, Snips offers an AI-powered voice platform designed for connected devices; which gives firms the chance to add voice recognition to the services and goods that they offer. Snips has raised more than $20 million from leading VCs in France and in the States, since being founded 2013.

The tech firm describes its team as a community that embodies several values, including curiosity, grit, purpose and inclusiveness. For employees who work at its head office, benefits include language and sports classes, relocation support, free lunches and full health insurance.

1. PayFit

Global Headcount: 100+
Headquarters: Paris

Launched in 2015, PayFit aims to tackle the everyday stress surrounding payroll management solutions, with it currently offering a service that helps small and medium-sized enterprises manage payroll, absences, expense reports, time off, and more.

The company’s payroll and employee management tool has garnered the trust of 2,500 firms, including Konbini, Gameloft and OpenClassrooms. Inside the company, PayFit offers a cooperative, lively environment for its employees, with karaoke, BBQ and soccer tournaments being regularly seen on the agenda.