Does this amazing £20 Asus B250 mining motherboard deal mean cryptocurrency is dead?

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If you’re looking to build a mining PC for cryptocurrency, then Ebuyer has a killer deal, with a the excellent Asus B250 Expert mining motherboard now just £19.98.

As a motherboard dedicated to mining cryptocurrency, the Asus B250 Expert comes with 19 PCI Express ports, which allows you to run 19 GPUs at once – for some seriously impressive mining results.

The fact that it has had a massive price cut – last year the motherboard was selling for £200 – means you’re going to get better margins from your mining, as you’re not spending so much money on the setup.

A good deal, but a bad sign?

While this rock-bottom price for the Asus B250 Expert mining motherboard is a killer deal for people looking to build a mining PC on the cheap, the fact that dedicated mining hardware is being sold for so little suggests that the cryptocurrency mining bubble could have burst.

Prices for cryptocurrencies haven’t reached the highs of previous years, and companies like AMD – which benefited from increased demand for its GPUs during the cryptocurrency gold rush – have seen their profits fall due to fewer people buying mining hardware.

But, if you’re still invested in mining for cryptocurrency, falling prices and deals like this brilliant Asus B250 Expert mining motherboard offer will be very welcome indeed.

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