Netflix tried to show how popular ‘The Witcher’ is with a Google Trends chart

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Netflix’s ‘The Witcher’.

Source: Netflix

Netflix didn’t have much to say about its new streaming competition in its fourth-quarter earnings report. Instead it let a Google Trends chart do the talking.

The chart, which Netflix included in its quarterly letter to shareholders, compares global Google search trends for Netflix’s “The Witcher,” Disney’s “The Mandalorian,” Amazon’s “Jack Ryan” and Apple’s “The Morning Show.”

Global Google search trends

However, as Netflix noted in a footnote, the chart shows global trends and Netflix’s most prominent rival, Disney+, is not yet available around the world. Disney launched its streaming service in November in the U.S., Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and The Netherlands. It will roll out in parts of Europe in March and in Latin America in October.

Taking the same chart and limiting it to searches in the U.S., “The Mandalorian” does a lot better against “The Witcher.”

U.S. Google search trends

Netflix acknowledged the competition in its earnings letter, but expressed confidence its head start would give it an advantage.

“Many media companies and tech giants are launching streaming services, reinforcing the major trend of the transition from linear to streaming entertainment,” Netflix wrote to shareholders about its competition. “We have a big headstart in streaming and will work to build on that by focusing on the same thing we have focused on for the past 22 years – pleasing members. We believe if we do that well, Netflix will continue to prosper.”

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