Navy and Marine Corps F-35 jets undergoing inspection with ‘high priority’ after possible ejection seat issue

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Every Navy and Marine Corps F-35 jet is undergoing an inspection with “high priority” after a possible issue with their ejection seats.

A spokesperson for the F-35 Joint Program Office told Fox News Digital that the Department of the Navy leadership decided to inspect all F-35 jets that are used by the Navy and Marine Corps.

“Earlier this week, Department of the Navy (DoN) leadership decided to inspect all Navy and Marine Corps F-35s jets in compliance with the 90-day Time Compliance Technical Directive. Rather than spacing the inspections out over a full 90 days, DoN decided to compress the 90-day inspection timeline to having each aircraft inspected prior to its next flight. All inspections are being conducted in an expedited manner with a high priority,” the spokesperson said.

A report states that the jets are being inspected due to parts on their ejection seats that could be defective.

According to the report, the issue stems from ejection seats made by Martin-Baker, as some production lots of explosive cartridges used in the seats were determined defective and need to be replaced.

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