Chicago-area high school ditches homecoming ‘king’ and ‘queen’ titles, changes to gender-neutral ‘royalty’

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A suburban Chicago high school is ditching the homecoming “king” and “queen” titles and replacing both with the gender-neutral term “royalty.”

Hinsdale South High School in Darien, Illinois, recently made the change in order give all students a chance to be involved in the tradition, according to FOX 32.

A spokesperson for the school said that during a recent assembly, freshmen, sophomores and juniors voted for classmates to be part of the homecoming court, and then the entire student body voted for two people from the senior court to become “royalty.”

The school chose to use the term “royalty” over “king” or “queen.”

The student body voted two males to become homecoming “royalty,” who then asked to be announced as homecoming king.

Students who are on homecoming court are given the option how they are referred to if they are selected as homecoming “royalty” and can still ask to be announced as homecoming king or queen.

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