Surveillance video catches Missouri inmates getting away in stolen car

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A surveillance video has captured the moment five Missouri inmates – including three which authorities describe as “known sex offenders” – got away in a stolen car following a jailbreak. 

Footage taken Tuesday from a surveillance camera in the parking lot of the Centene Corporation, a healthcare business located near the St. Francois County Detention Center in Farmington, shows the fugitives piling into a car one-by-one before tearing off into the night. 

The wanted men are LuJuan Tucker, Aaron Sebastian, Kelly McSean, Dakota Pace and Michael Wilkins, and as of Friday, they remain on the run. 

The video begins with two men casually walking along a fence surrounding the secured parking lot. They then crawl under a gate at its entrance and break out into a jog before vanishing off-screen. 


Around 20 seconds later, a vehicle that the St. Francois County Sheriff’s Department described as a gray 2009 Scion TC with Missouri temporary tags is seen making its way to the exit.

As the gate of the parking lot opens up, the other three inmates are seen entering the car before it races away from the scene. 

The St. Francois County Sheriff’s Department said the jailbreak at the county’s detention center began around 7 p.m. Tuesday when the group entered a secured cell, then “made their way through a secured door by use of force.” 

From there, the sheriff of the jail told FOX 2 News, it is believed they got onto the jail’s roof through corridors containing the facility’s plumbing before making their way back to the ground and out of the area. 

The car they stole was last seen “traveling in a southerly direction,” according to authorities. 


“All inmates were being held on felony charges. Three inmates, LuJuan Tucker, Aaron Sebastian and Kelly McSean — AKA: Larry Bemboom — are known sex offenders being held for crimes committed while confined in the Missouri Department of Corrections Sexual Offender Treatment Center,” the Sheriff’s Department said. “Dakota Pace and Michael Wilkins were being held on felony warrants.” 

Investigators say each of the inmates discarded their orange prison clothing and were observed on surveillance cameras “wearing white thermal leggings, white boxer and/or basketball shorts and white t-shirts,” while “Tucker was wearing a black t-shirt.”

The St. Francois County Sheriff’s Department also said the Missouri State Highway Patrol and the United States Marshals Service are assisting in the investigation, with the latter offering rewards of up to $5,000 for information leading to the inmates’ captures.

The Sheriff’s Department and Marshals Service did not respond to a request for comment Friday from Fox News Digital. 

The Marshals Service said Tucker previously has been charged with the rape of a 12-year-old girl, while McSean was being held on charges linked to the sexual assault of a 39-year-old woman. 

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